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It’s an established truth especially within developer circles that the elasticity of code is strengthened by agility and the diversity of minds behind it. Nothing promises true diversity within an organization than it being truly global. But how is an organization global, really?

Well, some define it from where the business is originating, some by its ability to reach out to international markets and others with their presence in multiple countries. For us, an organization is truly global when it has internalized diversity, not only from the work it does or the customers it serves but through the people behind its business. It does so through the people who turn a company into an organization, the team who defines the strength of an organization through its own strength.

In SDS we draw energy by being diverse, by being truly global with our workforce spread across 4 continents, working together as one for the common goal: to make SDS valuable and successful.

Amongst the many advantages a global workforce has, the core one is the level of agility it gives to the organization. Here are the three core reasons how it happens:

1. Business activities, round the clock

Yup, one of our teams is up and running at all times, if not from the same corner of the world. In SDS, we are following atleast 7 different time zones with dedicated support center and help desk working 24/7, 365 days. This gives the organization an edge to sustain core operations.

2. Global mark, local presence

In our line of work, what works best is the ability to be anywhere in the world, literally! Travelling is one, ofcourse but local presence means so much more when you are deploying systems for huge networks of telecom operators and service providers. Millions of users, billions of transactions and the only chord of union which balances the entire foundation is trust. Local presence helps in shaping that up with the ability to connect with the customer seamlessly. Our roots in our core markets enables communication and agility with our customers as well as market penetration. This when complemented with technical hubs located in Ghana, India and Pakistan give SDS the ability to become highly flexible and customized for its customers to meet their needs effectively.

3. Diversity in play

It is not just about the number of countries our workforce is in, not about their uniqueness of cultures or the diversity of their individualities, but what they bring on table because of these. The approach, way of working and the thought process when harmonized with trust within teams and openness of communication gives a strength to the organization unmatchable by a team made of uniformity. Our teams because of their diversity give us a competitive edge like no other. Every member brings his or her strong side to the team and like in a color wheel, each shines bright in its own spectrum but only completes the circle when all of them are brought together as one. This is how we roll and enable the circle of success for our customers, continuously and sustainably.

SDS team members converging from Asia, Europe, Africa & Americas for a meet-up in Dubai, UAE

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