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Ellen Lindholm

Group Financial Controller

As a Group Financial Controller, Ellen manages the entire financial process for Seamless, from start to finish, with everything in between and around. 

From receiving an approved and confirmed PO to publishing our quarterly and annual reports, she ensures that strong accounting and reporting protocols are in place throughout the company. 

Her responsibilities typically include:

  • General accounting oversight
  • Creating internal policies and spend controls
  • Improving and automating internal processes
  • Managing budgets, consolidation, and reporting
  • Working with auditors and ensuring that regulations are followed

What is the finance team culture like at the company? Any traditions?

Within our small but diverse team, we have built a collaborative and supportive culture that is all about shared values and the right spirit. We are a hardworking team that is driven by common goals, and so we believe in rolling up our sleeves and getting things done, irrespective of what is assigned to whom.

Are there any challenges that you often need to overcome?

More often than not, we – like many other departments – are racing against the clock to deliver accurate results with very strict deadlines. But that’s what brings excitement to work, and challenges I like to accept and make sure that the result is perfect either way.  

My checklist to get things done on time:

  • Clear processes 
  • Adequate planning – (I love planning!)
  • Timely team communication

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned while working at Seamless?

I’m learning new things everyday and within Seamless you have the possibility and opportunity to grow with the company. One key learning moment for us at finance was how fast automation and digitization directly made an impact for achieving efficiency and better control within the company.

What are your personal goals/objectives that you strive to achieve?

By seeking out new learning opportunities and breaking away from complacency, I am constantly trying to cultivate and develop a growth mindset. My aim is to not only learn new technical skills for professional development, but also to improve my soft skills as well. While it is an uphill battle against the fear of failure and embarrassment, I’m determined to have an open mindset and positive thinking to keep growing and challenging myself.

Any big personal wins at Seamless that you’re particularly proud of?

Actually, I’m always happy and grateful to see people around me be successful and healthy – that feels like a win to me!

And finally, how do you unwind from work?

I’m a big sports fan! I like for example to go to the arena to cheer for my favorite football team or playing padel at my free time around work. Otherwise, all my waking hours goes to renovating our house we recently bought.

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